Election Coverage from a Native Perspective

NAPT has partnered with National Native News to bring news reports about the issues that matter to Native American voters in U.S., state, local and tribal elections.

You can tune in and hear these news reports every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at the top of every hour.

Download the following reports:

Colorado Native Voters Speak Up:Native voters in Denver want presidential candidates to focus on issues impacting tribes.

IAIA Encourages Students to Vote: Tristan Ahtone reports on an event at The Institute of American Indian Art.

Campaigns Reach Out to Native Voters in Wisconsin:Chuck Quirmbach takes a look at how the two campaigns are perceived by Native voters in the battleground state of Wisconsin.

Natives for Hillary: Antonia Gonzales speaks with a Native voter who was hoping to vote for Senator Hillary Clinton in November.

Pine Ridge Presidential Primary: Russell Means, state Senator Teresa Two Bulls, incumbent President John Yellow Bird Steele and others compete for the two spots in the general election.

Zuni Voters : Antonia Gonzales speaks with Zuni voters about the issues that matter to them including the economic issues that impact Native American artists.

The Race for Governor in Washington State: This year Native American voters are expected to play a large role in the Washington gubernatorial race.

Native Voters in Gallup : Antonia Gonzales speaks with Native American voters in Gallup, New Mexico.

Newly Registered Native Voter : Tristan Ahtone talks with a newly registered Apache voter.

ShipROCK the Vote : Registering voters on the Navajo Nation.

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The Diversity Beat Election Reports are made possible with funding from the Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting through the National Minority Consortia.

Native Producer Profile: J. Carlos Peinado

J. Carlos Peinado is a documentary filmmaker and the chair of New Media at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe.

His most recent documentary, Waterbuster, follows his path back to the Fort Berthold Reservation as he looks into the history of his family and his tribe including the flooding of over 150,000 acres of reservation land back in the 1950s by the Army Corps of Engineers.

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