Finished Program Acquisitions

Finished Program Acquisitions

Acquisitions Guidelines and Submission Form (PDF)


Vision Maker Media seeks provocative and engaging completed programs from independent or public television producers. We encourage works that address new and current issues reflecting the changing identity of Native communities, including the following:

  • Works that explore these focus areas of PBS and CPB, such as the American Graduate, Women & Girls Lead, and Veterans’ Issues.
  • Works that focus on under-represented or unheard voices.
  • Works that are innovative, original and compelling to a national audience.
  • Works that explore issues of universal interest from a unique Native American perspective.
  • Works that view the history of Native Americans through contemporary stories.
  • Works that use new technology and/or provide new models for television production.
  • Works with a sense of humor.


Vision Maker Meida is seeking programs in many genres including documentary, performance, cultural/public affairs and animation. Projects submitted to this solicitation must be intended for national public television broadcast. Assignment of exclusive broadcast rights, off-air recording rights, educational, home video, foreign distribution and Internet broadcasting rights are included in the Vision Maker Media Production License Agreement. The Vision Maker Media Public Television Program Fund is made possible by funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


  • Quantity and quality of Native American participation in creative, technical, and advisory personnel.
  • Power of the program to illuminate the Native American experience.
  • Originality of concept and style.
  • Potential interest to a national audience.


Works by independent film or video makers. Works produced by independents in association with a station or an organization. The producer or production entity must retain the copyright and have artistic, budgetary, and editorial control over the proposed program.


  • Student productions such as thesis films.
  • Industrial or promotional programs.
  • Programs for which the exclusive public television broadcast rights are not available.

Please submit the following materials:

  • Completed Submission Form.
  • A one- to two-page summary of the storyline, suitable for press release material
  • One-paragraph biographies of the Production team (listed in the Submission Form) or other key participants (actors, etc.) to be used in promotion.
  • A list of all Program underwriters or funders.
  • List all previous network broadcasts, public screenings, film festivals, awards, and websites where this program has streamed.
  • Two (2) DVD copies of the completed program (DVDs will not be returned).

Send all materials to:
Acquisitions - Vision Maker Media
1800 N. 33rd Street
Lincoln, NE 68503


Programs selected for acquisition for public television broadcast will be required to provide the following materials, at the least, for licensing purposes and for submission to public television distribution services
(PBS, NETA, APT, POV, Independent Lens, Frontline, etc.):

  • Evidence of E&O insurance naming Vision Maker Media, CPB, and the designated distribution service as additional insureds.
  • Appearance release forms for each individual in the film and publicity photographs must be provided
  • Documentation of all material licensed from another party, such as literary works, artwork, music, etc.

There are additional stipulations that accord Vision Maker Media certain approval rights and reporting obligations, which are detailed in the contract once contract negotiations begin.

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